"Who doesn't like great food! One of the best meals that you'll ever experience can be found at Our Daily Bread Catering! Elizabeth Evans and her team are sure to satisfy whatever need you might have. 

I was the recipient of her excellence at a birthday party in my honor. The evening began with an exceptional display of food and drink while guests mingled and visited with me. 

As if that wasn't feast enough, we were treated to a magnificent buffet dinner culminating with a dessert bar that could not be matched! My special evening was truly outstanding with the culinary experience provided by Elizabeth and her dedicated team. Their attention to the needs of guests, a beautiful presentation and every detail was paramount!

Our Daily Bread Catering will always be at the top of my list for special events. And, if you'd like that experience on a regular basis, just visit her restaurant at Green  Valley Auctions every other week. There's no need to wait for that special event! Every auction finds Elizabeth and her staff delighting customers with specials of the day, and a variety of standard fare to tempt your taste buds. She is one of the best kept secrets in the area!"


Randy & Rich, 2018



Photography: Green Valley Auctions

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