An exceptional staff
makes ODBC an awesome company!

Zachary Harman

Summer Staff @ Green Valley

For the past 2 summers our customers at Green Valley Auctions have been greeted with a smile at the register by Zach who is hard working, always cheerful and willing to help. We are grateful for his service.

Katelyn Gardner

Catering Staff & Auction Closer

By day, Katelyn is a Therapeutic Day Treatment Counselor at John C. Myers Elementary School, but on Friday night auctions, she walks into the ODBC kitchen at 4 p.m. from her "real" job with a smile on her face and overflowing with energy. She works the hardest part of auction day - the end when every pot and pan must be washed and the kitchen scrubbed down. She is also an invaluable member of our catering team - serving our clients with professionalism and attention.

Maggie Rhodes

Chief Cook, on temporary leave

Maggie has been with us for many years, braving the 30 degree winters and 110 degree summers in our original kitchen - a 24' catering kitchen trailer. She is proof that you do not have to whine when the temperature is not "just right." We miss her terribly but know that this time with her two little children and husband cannot ever be replaced. She'll be back and we look forward to that time.

Priscilla Weaver

Lead Baker & Bottle Washer

Priscilla Weaver is responsible for most of the ODBC's bakery production. Priscilla grew up on a Shenandoah Valley farm and her family has a long tradition of home cooked meals and baked goods. She joined ODBC …. and quickly became invaluable to us. Her ability to multi-task is amazing and her willingness to be flexible in jobs helps her fit right in. She also loves to learn new things and is up for any cooking challenge.


Priscilla’s greatest attribute is her gift of service. She truly does every job as she is serving God not man (Ephesians 6:7, Colossians 3:23).

Darlene Harman

Green Valley Auction Cashier

Whether the line at the register is 2 customers or ten, Darlene remains calm, greets everyone with a smile and never tires of treating each customer like they are special. Darlene has been working for ODBC since we officially began in 2009 and we value her service AND her friendship.

Megan Harris

Catering Staff & Auction Closer

Every auction when our day staff feels like we might fall down after standing for 8+ hours, Megan bounces into the kitchen from her "real" job as a middle school math teacher - ready to serve the supper crowd and tackle the end of the day clean up. She is also one of our key catering team members - helping us make our clients' event run smoothly.

Jessi Pettit

Catering Staff & Chief Cook

Jessi makes things happen in the kitchen and on site at catering events. There is no time for down time with Jessi in the helm. Before the door shuts behind her when she arrives on site, she has asked, "What do you want me to work on first?" and before we know it, she's asking, "What's next?" Jessi adds energy and expertise to our cooking and catering staffs and we are honored that she is willing to work on our team.

Ryan, Scotty,Mac, Sam

Owners' Sons: Always Available

Greg & Elizabeth have four wonderful, hard working sons who have been a part of ODBC since its inception. They have flipped burgers, set up tables & chairs, cleaned up trash after an event, run the cash register at Green Valley Auctions, grocery shopped at midnight, and the list goes on. We love them 'to the moon and back' and could not run this business without them.

Debbie Bollinger

Auction Day Guru

One of the original owners, Debbie sold her half of the business to Elizabeth when she switched careers; however, she continues to work auction days - thank goodness! Her ability to prep food for 5+ hours for 300+ people is phenomenal and we are blessed that she is a part of our staff.

Megan Baker

Catering Staff AND Chief Cook

Everyone should have a "Megan Baker" in their lives. Her genuine love for others and her willingness to serve in any capacity make her a blessing to our team. She is highly esteemed and we hope we never have to run this company without her.

Sierra Evans

"I Will Do Whatever"

Sierra really works for Green Valley Auctions & Moving; however, since she's in the same building AND the owners' daughter-in-law, she gets dragged into lots of different jobs including catering, cash register, deli prep & dish washing. She is always willing to help and she never complains. Her official job for Green Valley is Marketing Director and she does much of ODBC's advertising as well. We love her as part of the family and so appreciate her work at ODBC & GVAM.

Elizabeth & Greg Evans


Elizabeth may be the "front owner" of ODBC; however, the business could not function without the steadfast support of her husband, Greg. "We love to 'throw a party' and ODBC gives us the chance to do that every week."

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